What I learned from writing 300 summaries in a year

Clind Takeaways

Have you asked yourself this question: what is the purpose of taking notes?

I don’t know about you, but my notes were all over the place. I’d lose them and only sometimes find them after exhaustive searches. They were too long, lacked clarity, and didn’t help me remember the context. In short, these notes should’ve helped me but instead wasted my time.

Note-taking should summarize the essentials points, serve as a reference to consult later, and perhaps be shareable with others. Notes should be concise and useful, but the reverse is often the case.

I have tried several note-taking solutions and personally have not found anything satisfactory.

We often find ourselves loving an article or podcast episode and want to share it with our friends and peers. We want to transmit our passion and share the knowledge! However, most of the time, we never do it because we don’t have a way to capture our thoughts with our favorite digital content to save and share easily. And even worse, we quickly forget everything we read or listened to that at the time was so impactful. So what do we do?

In the last year, I wrote more than 300 takeaways. Here are the top three reasons I found why it is important to take notes:

  1️⃣  Saving time — Writing notes takes time, but I know it is an investment that will help me save time later. See item 3 below.


2️⃣  Encouraging reflection — Thinking is a choice: it is the key to freedom of thought. Writing a short summary starts with thinking and understanding which words would really capture the core ideas


3️⃣  Increasing efficiency — Rereading my takeaways instead of rereading the content that I saved has been significantly more efficient. When I needed to refer back to content, I use to find myself always needing to reread articles to find exactly what I desired. With takeaways, they are right there and immediately bring everything back.


There are various ways to take notes, but the real question is: how do we capture the significant messages and learnings?

Clind Takeaways

The solution is so simple once you think about it.

Summarizing the essentials with the key takeaways is the most realistic solution that I have found. Also, taking notes that summarizes your thinking is much more impactful when your notes are connected directly to the content. It’s a little different from the usual note-taking, but so much more useful. Usually, notes are not necessarily short nor a summary of the content I like. The original content serves as a reference point for your thinking. You can relate what you understood from the source.

After my year of note-taking, I found the best way to save time. Sit down for a few minutes each day with digital content that you want to remember instead of pressuring yourself to do it immediately after consumption, which isn’t always possible. Then, summarize the core concepts in three succinct points. This is the best method to capture takeaways.

Discover the formidable power of takeaways, which will allow you to:

  • ⏰ Save time
  • 🤔 Habitualize reflection
  • 😃 Stimulate your mind
  • 🛣 Travel the virtuous path of thought


Take advantage of the multiple benefits of writing key notes on articles and podcasts. Summarize the substantive marrow of content and stimulate your thinking.

Just like starting a new fitness habit, summing up your thinking isn’t that easy; it’s challenging because it’s new. But, it does get easier the more you train your brain to do it.

Finding time in our busy lives.

If you feel that you don’t have the time, you probably aren’t using the right tools.

I tested several tools for capturing takeaways: Notes, Evernote, Pocket, Bear, and Notion. None of them worked.

After searching for the right solution and not finding it, I realized I needed to build it. That is why I built Clind.

Our users shared their thoughts about Clind:

" Clind is everything I expected. My life is learning."  Vicki.

"Super easy to use, the design is awesome! No user manual needed!"  Danielle

“An application very well thought out and easy to use!” Harold

Keeping everything in one place saves you precious time. You can read and share ah-ha’s with only a few clicks.

Clind helps by empowering you to write takeaways to remember your favorite content’s central points: those that teach you things.

To get started:

➡️  Challenge yourself, write your first takeaway 🙏

➡️  Concentrate on the essentials.

➡️  Dedicate time in your day for reflection.

➡️  After writing your first takeaway, help your friends and peers by sharing your thoughts.

“Every note is a time capsule, preserving an idea from today for an unknown future time and place”  Tiago Forte

Gilles Chételat / CEO Founder of Clind