We are entering a new world that is more responsible, more transparent, more ethical, and more human. Technology is now evolving faster than human capabilities. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to humanity. Our brains need technology to evolve even faster. Everything is accelerating. The knowledge gained today will soon be obsolete. Technology is one of the tools to help us stay the course.


With Clind, we want to put technology at people’s service by allowing them to progress every day. The Internet has made knowledge and learning available to everyone. However, it remains difficult for everyone to effectively find what they are looking for in the twists and turns of the web, which continues to grow at an ever-increasing pace. The Internet and its technologies too often waste our time. And what is more precious than our time, our attention?


With Clind, we are committed to saving you time to learn more effectively and efficiently.


How are we going to get there?


  •  By developing ethical and responsible technology that protects your privacy.

The content we offer you is chosen because it interests you and is not based on any referencing or sponsorship. No ads, no noise (irrelevant content), more educational content (you can learn from), more data privacy (GDPR by design).


  •  By designing benevolent and useful technology that helps you. 

Our goal is for you to find the answer to your questions efficiently. The infinite scrolling must stop so that you find what you need as quickly as possible.


  •  By offering a free solution to our first users.

Yes, free. We have brought together investors who support this approach to develop the best possible solution to learn from the free content already available on the Internet.


 We mobilized all our efforts to help you find your way to what you want to learn much more quickly. Clind, short for Clever and Mind, will help you discover and collect the Internet content that you are looking for and that others found before you. 


Clind will become your best ally for learning while saving time.


Welcome to Clind!