Learn more about writing awesome takeaways

In this short article, you will get some pro tips to write good takeaways. 

Let’s start by defining a takeaway: a takeaway is a short note that summarizes the key ideas you want to take from any given content (an article, a podcast, a book, a tutorial, etc.), any good piece you found super interesting online.

This means a good takeaway is something you find relevant to you.

It helps you remember the full content without having to consume it again.

Until you become a verified creator* on Clind, your takeaways are kept private, just for you. 

As a verified creator, you will get to decide whether or not to make a takeaway public.

A takeaway is something short and easy to produce.

Since you may not necessarily have a pen and paper handy, write your takeaways on Clind!

They can have different flavours:

  • A quote (a copy-paste) from the article you read – something so inspiring that you want to keep it as is. Make sure to use quotation marks (“”) to signal that the given passage came from the author.
  • A short summary in your own words. This means you can write complete sentences. Some notes are standalones and can be understood without needing to access the full article. Using your own words allows you to translate an idea into something much easier for you to understand. 
  • Key ideas in bullet points. This can be useful for more personal note-taking, like noting practical ways you can apply key ideas in your real life. It’s a good idea to specify that you’re writing down a personal viewpoint, to remind yourself when you come back to it later.
  • You can, of course, use emojis to make your notes even easier to read later.

You can take notes while commuting or whenever you find yourself reading a good article, newsletter, or book. Just save it into Clind and write your takeaway.

After writing a few takeaways, you will progressively understand how to become good at it. And if your goal is to become a verified takeaway creator, let us know!

Our verified takeaway writers* are promising or established writers like you. They make sure their takeaways:

  • Accurately represent the ideas in the source material 
  • Do not include any personal attacks or hate speech
  • Do not include any links or personal promotion
  • Avoid statements that are unprofessional or unrelated to the original content
  • Do not solicit PM requests
  • Remain kind, supportive, and thoughtful

If you are an indie writer, either established (you have your own blog) or promising (you are thinking about writing regularly to get published), fill the form here and we will guide you through the steps to becoming a verified contributor. Your takeaways will be seen publicly and you will gain access to a larger audience on Clind.