How to write great takeaways? ✍️

Clind Takeaways

How to write the perfect takeaway?

First of all, what is a takeaway?

It is a short note that summarizes the most important points of a content (article, podcast, book, tutorial…).

A good takeaway is a note of what is essential to you.

A takeaway helps you remember content without having to consume it again.

Until you become a verified creator, your takeaways are visible only to you. Once you become a verified creator, you can choose to share your takeaways with the community.

A takeaway is short and easy to write

It is so much easier to write a note in Clind than with another tool.

Clind Takeaways

Four ways to write a takeaway:

  • A quote: usually a copy and paste of an article you like. A sentence so inspiring that you want to keep it as it is, with quotation marks, of course 😉.
  • A short summary in your own words
  • You write your own sentences that are true to the content. Rewriting in your own words allows you to translate complex concepts into easy to remember ideas.
  • Bulleted list and emoji. Feel free to use and abuse emojis to make your notes even more fun and easy to read. This can also help you jot down content ideas that you can put into action and make it easier to come back to later.
  • Anywhere, as soon as you come across a nice article, newsletter or podcast, save it in Clind and write your takeaways.

After writing a few takeaways, you will quickly see your progress. If you want to become a verified Creator, you can apply now directly from the app on My takeaways or Profile views.