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Gilles Raymond CEO Monster Meetings

Gilles Raymond, Founder & CEO of Monster Meeting

By Marie from Clind | 26 February 2021

Gilles Raymond is founder and CEO of Monster Meeting. Gilles is a tech fan. He was the first to write a thesis on Artificial Intelligence in 1995 and launched the world’s first downloadable game in 2000. Gilles was the main founder of News Republic, which he sold in 2016 for $57 million.

Guillaume_Vizade_Head_Basketball_Coach_at JAVCM, France, Pro B _Clind_Article

Guillaume Vizade, Head Basketball Coach at JAVCM, France, Pro B

By Romain from Clind | 6 January 2021

Guillaume Vizade is the Head Basketball Coach at J.A. Vichy-Clermont, France, ProB. Guillaume was elected Coach of the Year 2018/2019, ProB – France, and received the French Federation’s bronze award for serving and helping improve French basketball. In addition to being a basketball superstar, Guillaume is also a Marketing & Management professor at the French business school ESC Clermont where he designs and implements training programs for professionals and students.


Alexandre Waquier, founder and CEO of Vyfe

By Romain from Clind | 29 December 2020

After working for six years in high-performance sports to equip professional clubs with video analysis software to improve their performance, Alexandre transferred all his knowledge and expertise of video coaching to the world of training to create Vyfe.


Caroline Ramade, founder and CEO of 50inTech

By Romain from Clind | 28 December 2020

Caroline has a pretty unusual career. Among other things, she participated in Bertrand Delanoë’s campaign for mayor of Paris in 2008 and she was at the head of Willa, the incubator for start-ups founded by at least one woman. With 50inTech, Caroline aims to have 50% women in tech. Today, women represent only 10% of start-up co-founders, 9% of investors and less than 30% of digital employees.

Guillaume Moubeche, Co-founder & CEO at Lemlist

Guillaume Moubeche, Co-founder & CEO at Lemlist

By Marie from Clind | 23 December 2020

Guillaume Moubeche is the co-founder & CEO of Lemlist, a prospecting software that allows you to send personalized email campaigns. Lemlist reached €3 million in recurring annual revenue within three years, without raising funds.

Matthieu Stefani

Matthieu Stefani, CEO at CosaVostra & Host at GDIY

By Marie from Clind | 18 December 2020

Entrepreneur in the tech industry since 2005, Matthieu Stefani is the co-founder & CEO of the innovation agency CosaVostra and of the startup studio Padrino.io. Matthieu also founded the podcast Generation Do It Yourself which is a reference in the tech industry. GDIY analyzes and dissects the successes and failures of entrepreneurs, politics, and athletes.

Diane Lenne

Diane Lenne, Founder & CEO at We Are Peers

By Marie from Clind | 17 December 2020

Diane Lenne is the founder and CEO of We Are Peers. We Are Peers enables peer-to-peer learning within organizations through educational programs and applications. She founded the EdTech startup in 2017, just after graduating from the prestigious EM Lyon Business School. Diane is passionate about education and empowering people to grow by learning from each other.


Maxime Berthelot, Co-Founder at PixelMe Inc

By Romain from Clind | 16 December 2020

Maxime Berthelot, Co-Founder and CEO at PixelMe Inc

Pauline Laigneau Clind

Pauline Laigneau, Founder of Gemmyo & Le Gratin

By Marie from Clind | 14 December 2020

Pauline Laigneau, Founder of Gemmyo & Le Gratin

Jerome Perani Clind

Jérôme Perani, VP Growth & Partnerships

By Marie from Clind | 14 December 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #35 Jerome brings twenty-five years of experience in helping digital companies to embrace new strategic positioning. He has worked for European subscription companies (Orange, Canal +), global technological providers (Viaccess, Cisco Broadcast), and French media groups (Lagardere, L’Express, Altice Media). He is a passionate believer in mobile applications and services’ growing role…


Jean-Marc Lhermet, Development Director at ASM Clermont Auvergne

By Marie from Clind | 11 December 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #34 Today, we are pleased to welcome a figure of French rugby Jean-Marc Lhermet. Jean-Marc played with the French team from 1990 to 1993 and with AS Montferrand from 1987 to 1999. After his playing career, he remained at AS Montferrand, running the training center, and then he became the Sports Director…