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Meet Aurore, Head of Care 💖 at Clind

My name is Aurore Lanchart. I’ve been in the French tech scene for 13 years. Before that, I was in the music industry.
I was the 9th employee of Believe Group (owner of Tunecore). I led the creation and development of the Urban Music Department. I joined an e-commerce startup (Shopping Feed) managing the Onboarding Department. In 2017, then, Shine, a neo-bank, asked me to join them to build their customer service department. I scaled the team from 0 to 32 people and processes to serve from 0 to 50K customers in 2 years and a half. In 2020, I joined the EdTech startup Clind to impact education because it’s something that I cherish.

Aurore Lanchart Clind Head of Care
Aurore Lanchart, Head of Care at Clind

It’s always hard to know which company is right for you. Will working for them motivate you to get up every morning and happily open your Macbook? In this article I’ll explain to you why I joined Clind and why after ten months, I’m still in love with Clind and the culture of the company.

Why did I join Clind?

I’ve always loved education and learning. In elementary school, I woke up at 6 AM in the morning to read books from my favorite author, Roald Dahl. Also, I’ve always loved to share things that I’ve learned. In my spare time, I teach at Iconoclass and Lion.

Not an easy decision

Before Clind, I hadn’t worked at an early-stage company. At the time, Clind was just an idea on a paper. So what made me want to join? It was the team. Never before had a CEO asked me to call his former employees to conduct a reference check on him. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to work for Clind and no other company.

The more I talked with the team, the more I saw that we shared the same values: care, transparency, and moving fast. It’s essential to choose a company that shares your values because a startup can have many pivots, but the values won’t change. Finding meaning in your daily work comes from working with people who share the same values and vision.

I’ve never met a team so dedicated and kind. It seems cheesy, but that’s the truth. When you feel down, there is always a teammate sending a Slack message to cheer you up. 

The company is transparent in all areas. All the employees know about the company’s financial status, meet our investors, and clearly understand our roadmap.

Learning is not just a word

What I particularly love about Clind is that we constantly learn. We learn daily in our jobs, but also in ways unrelated to our work. Lunch is never dull because someone is always talking about the latest book they read. We lend so many books to each other that we should probably create a book club. I have worked for Clind for nearly one year, and it still feels like day one. We continuously iterate as we talk to customers to find solutions to simplify learning in ways that matter to them.

What is my role at Clind?

As we are an early-stage company, my role is to build the support department’s foundation. I am creating the FAQ and a style guide that defines our tone and how we want to talk with our customers.  I frequently conduct user research interviews to have a better understanding of our users’ wants and needs. I love my job as the User Experience Manager at an early-stage startup because I work closely with the product team. The user interviews influence the product roadmap and set marketing’s tone of voice. At early-stage startups, it is clear that customer experience is the keystone of the company.

What is the goal of Clind?

We want to empower people to learn without all the noise that comes with social media. Time is precious. Clind makes it easy to discover and store the best content to create a learning routine. Learning has to be a relaxing and pleasant experience. We strongly believe that the fastest and easiest way to learn is through collaboration. Today, thousands of people are learning daily, thanks to Clind. We won’t stop until learning becomes a simple daily routine for everyone.

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Aurore Lanchart

Aurore is currently Head of Care at Clind, part of the startup ecosystem for 13 years, Aurore has been passionate about customer service and learning. In her spare time, she even teaches classes at Lion (the school for Startup employees) or Iconoclass.

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