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Progress in personal development on a daily basis is increasingly important and is becoming even more essential. 42% of today’s professional skills will be obsolete by 2022. This means 1 billion people will have to be re-educated by 2030 (1). This will be a considerable social burden, which will become a challenge for everyone. Thus, there is an urgent need to keep learning, to not be content with average, and to not rest on our laurels. It’s time to awaken our curiosity and to dare to go further in order to take charge of our destinies.

Being curious and receptive to new things allows people to learn and progress on a daily basis. Learning and adapting have always been essential levers of human development and they still are, even more so today in this time of crisis. In this period, each of us must seek solutions, innovate, and find inspiration to move forward in a changing context and uncertain horizons.

Clind is launching into the market in September 2020 and its mission is to enable everyone to improve on a daily basis by revolutionizing learning. To find out how, check out everything we’ve built Clind to do for you, all accessible from your pocket.

1- Progress: The Mindset

To move forward, it is essential to put yourself in a state of mind of daily progress as Carol Dweck describes in her book, Mindset. Many of us realize the importance of training when it is vital, such as when we are entering the job market or when retraining. However, Dweck explains that adopting a “Growth Mindset” leads to the desire to learn, to take up challenges, to persist, and to crave putting in the effort. The key paths to mastery are to learn from criticism and to find the lessons within and to find inspiration in the successes of others instead of seeing competition. Clind allows everyone to create a learning routine. Every morning, Clind recommends three pieces of content (articles, podcasts, videos, etc.) related to your interests.

2- Reflective Learning

One of the most effective methods for memorization is reflective learning. Reflective learning works like brain gymnastics. And, note-taking challenges our brain to collect all the information it has on a subject and shows us how we could react if we were to use our knowledge in a real-world situation. To help with this, after reading an article, it is recommended to write down the main points you have just learned. This is why at the heart of Clind are “takeaways”. A takeaway is a note-taking option in Clind that appears after you consume any piece of content. After reading, watching, or listening to content, the learner can record their key learnings. Later, the takeaways can easily be found in Clind connected to the original piece of content.

3- Putting it into Practice

Do you know that learning and gaining knowledge is much more effective with practice? It is not by reading 1,000 recipes that you become a renowned chef, you must get into the kitchen! According to the 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development, 70% of our learning is done from on-the-job experiences and working directly on tasks or problems. To act on newly acquired knowledge is required to contextualize what you have learned. It is crucial to step out of your comfort zone and directly apply your learning in the world around us.

4- A Daily Ritual

Progress is a process. According to James Clear in his book Atomic Habits, progress is a skill that we must work on every day. Just as we practice a sport or eat healthfully, we must apply the same habits to learning and to our brain agility. It has been shown that regularity and repetition increase efficiency in personal development and progression. Learning must be a routine and anchored in our daily habits. This is how to guarantee employability, adaptability, and professional freedom. Clind invites you every day to come and take a dose of knowledge. Have a Clind with your morning coffee.

5- Discipline

Discipline is a necessary step to be able to instill a positive habit over time. From Ray Dalio’s book Principles: Life & Work, the System A vs System B theory explains the difficulty of decision making when short term gains (having fun, completing a simple task) are more desirable compared to long term benefits (training and progress). Our reptilian brain pushes us to sacrifice long term gains for instant gratification. The only way to beat this is to make learning desirable, accessible, and rewarding. Challenge and inspiration play essential roles here from peers or technology. We often need outside help or external motivation to maintain habits as they rarely give rise to the sensation of instant gratification. For example, a running buddy, a competition, or even a new course helps to keep up motivated with a running habit. Clind is the first growth app built on the strength of the community and leverages external accountability. Each learner has the opportunity to invite their friends, family, and colleagues into Clind by creating “Rooms”. Each time the learner reads, listens to, or watches a piece of content, they have the opportunity to share it with their peers. Your activities will inspire others to learn and they will do the same in return.

6- Adapted to your learning style

Each human being has a unique learning style. Some learn very quickly and others take more time to digest the material. (The speed of learning is not related to intelligence, by the way.) Some like to read, others prefer to listen or watch videos. We all have our favorite modalities. It is these differences that have helped the human species survive and thrive. However, the education system was designed to be a standardized one-size-fits-all solution that has left many behind. With AI, we gain access to the learning methods and content that are most suited to us specifically. With Clind, progress is optimized for each learner. Clind recommends content that meets our individual needs. It is the virtual assistant that helps personalize content suggestions to make it easier to progress every day.

7- Discover new content

Content is tailored to each learner humanizing the experience to make it more fun. To learn, you must first be motivated, but you also need a dose of fun!  With Clind you will be able to see your library grow. You will be encouraged from positive emotion that comes from being aware of our own achievement, from the progress you are making. A good recommendation should know how to get us out of our comfort zone by discovering new areas (for those who want it). Progress is also about discovering new horizons!

8- Learn together

Did you know that the first deciding factor in reading a book is the recommendations made by people you trust? Clind makes it easy for you to get recommendations directly from your inner circle. It also allows you to compare different points of view and the validity of new opinions. Collective and critical thinking helps you progress (the collective to validate the curation and to shield you from ‘fake news’). Clind gives you access to the recommended content of the members in your rooms and allows you to share your daily content with them helping you to take your learning further.

9- Anchor New Knowledge

How do you retain all the learnings and lessons gained from reading, watching videos, and listening to podcasts? Where do you store impactful content and the notes you’ve taken? Keeping a portfolio, library, or collection of personal resources is central to anchoring knowledge. Clind simplifies this process by storing content and your learning in a convenient place. With Clind it is now easy to review your takeaways, recommend content to others, or to start a discussion on a piece of content. You will no longer need to think about where to save things to find them later or procrastinate writing notes because you don’t know where to put them.

10- A trusting environment conducive to learning

The worlds of education, training, and business often do not mix very well. Companies are investing more and more in the training of their teams and yet 70% of employees admit not having received sufficient training to do their job well. 80% of individuals rely on a Google or Youtube search to find what they need. On the other hand, it has an exchange currency such as advertising or the resale of personal data. We believe that there must be an environment trusted, protected, so you can truly focus on you. Learning is too powerful, personal, and valuable to be derived from and led by the highest bidder. This is why at Clind, your data will never be sold.

11- Offline life is strongly recommended

Trainline, a famous French travel booking app said that if the customer experience was successful, while customers use their product, they should be on it for the shortest possible time. This way the user has more time to devote to other things. We believe the same is true of learning. What matters is not the time you spend “learning alone in front of your phone or computer” but rather the impact of what you learn in your daily life and those close to you. Clind reduces the amount of time that you spend looking for something interesting to read. By the time you have consumed your recommended content and recorded your takeaways, the person sitting next to you just decided what to read. 

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1 – Zahidi, Saadia. “We need a global reskilling revolution – here’s why”. World Economic Forum, World Economic Forum, 22 Jan 2020, https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/01/reskilling-revolution-jobs-future-skills/

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