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Sunny Paris, Co-founder and CEO of noCRM.io

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #69

Sunny Paris is co-founder and CEO of noCRM.io, a lead management software designed to help salespeople track and easily close their deals without spending hours filling out forms. Sunny now lives between London and Paris and brings some French sunshine to rainy London. Sunny was previously co-founder and CEO of Weborama a MarTech company that was listed in the French stock market in 2006.

Sunny Paris, Co-founder and CEO of noCRM.io

Who is your major source of inspiration?

I would say Jean-Pierre Bacri, especially in this video (in French). I like Jean-Pierre Bacri, who sadly passed away recently, because he brings a mix of humor, bitterness, clear-sightedness and humanity to discussions. For example, I do not buy into the concept of “Tech is good.” I don’t think that technology is positive in and of itself. It can be good. It can be bad. It’s just a tool.

That being said, there are people like Steve Jobs who really impressed me. I’ve never seen someone bring Marketing to such a level, with both a clear global vision of what is important, what needs to be done and NOT done, and give that much importance to detail. His ability to switch from the broader to the narrower view and to organize his company to deliver was really impressive. Also, people like DHH – who built a great bootstrap company – are great and show that there are other successful ways of doing things.

How do you keep learning on a daily basis? What are your learning routines?

Randomness and curiosity. I don’t have a routine. Sometimes I find a problem and start digging, and from click to click, page to page, I learn stuff. Also, when I see that several people I respect are hot on a subject, I try to take a look. Basically, you need to grant yourself time. If you’re overwhelmed with to-dos, you can’t discover things.

Also, there are cycles. One moment, you’re highly focused on an area where you have to deliver and you have no time to spend on other subjects, and the next, the most important thing to do is to “lose” time. In fact, it reminds me of the game of Go, where one of the most important concepts is the initiative, the “sente” vs. the “gote.” When you play Go, you can have a sequence of very local fights and then play a move at the opposite end of the board because you have the initiative. Generally, people tend to be too focused on their tasks, and in a fast changing landscape, you need to keep your brain open.

What are your favorite books and why?

I don’t read many Business-related books. I mostly read Science-Fiction and essays. My favorite books are Dune and Hyperion. There’s also a version of The Iliad by Alexandro Baricco which is worth reading.

What is your favorite podcast and why?

Same thing here. Since I don’t have a routine, I generally stumble upon a specific episode of a podcast rather than listening to the entire series. That being said, the Growthmaker podcast by Gabriel Gourovitch is really interesting since Gabriel is a great interviewer. I like to listen to Etienne Klein’s podcast “La conversation scientifique,” and the interviews Jason Calacanis does are great.  

Have you read an article that you really liked recently? Which one/ones?

It’s old, but there is generally one thing I really love to share. It’s the Gail Goodman talk, “How to negotiate the long slow SaaS ramp of death.” If you’re in the SaaS business, it’s a must-watch.

What would you tell the 18- or 25-year-old version of yourself?

To the 18 to 25 version of me, I would say, “Keep enjoying as you do,” but to the 13-year-old version of me I would say, “Don’t quit the piano.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome this year and how did you do it?

Keep moving on. This period of time, with the pandemic, has been quite difficult for everyone. It’s been harder to stay focused and to keep a link between people. But we managed to keep the team tied together by preparing and launching the Dream Team edition of noCRM.io, our sales prospecting tool. Having a clear goal helps with focus.

If you had to stay alone on an island and could only bring one item, what would it be?

Music, music, and music.

If there is anything else you would like to share, please do so.

I would tell all entrepreneurs that, despite being in a time when you’re exposed through social media and the Internet to the success of others, you have to find your path. You can be a unicorn, or you can also be bootstrapped and earning money, or anything in between.

There is not just one way but plenty of ways, and you have to choose your own, the one you’re comfortable with and which reflects your strengths. There will always be those that will succeed more than you, but there are also those – you won’t hear about – that will fail. Try to do the right thing for you.

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