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Pauline Laigneau, Founder of Gemmyo & Le Gratin

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #36

Pauline Laigneau has become a key figure in entrepreneurship in France.

An entrepreneur since 2011, Pauline co-founded the jewelry brand Gemmyo with Charif Debs. She is also the creator of the French podcast Le Gratin, launched in 2018, where she interviews people on their successes from the worlds of business and entrepreneurship. Her goal is to help listeners become the best versions of themselves. Pauline has also developed a group mentoring program, The BootCamp, and a video-based online training program called Growth. Growth aims to be a business bootcamp for entrepreneurs and managers of SMBs. Gemmyo is the first major brand of personalized jewelry in France. “100% made in France, our creations aim to reveal the uniqueness of our customers.”

Pauline Laigneau Clind
Pauline Laigneau,
Founder of Gemmyo & Le Gratin

Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

I have many inspirations, including books and people I meet, because of my podcast Le Gratin. I reap many benefits from these interactions, so I don’t focus on one person to be my only inspiration. Being curious and interested in various topics helps me grow more than following one central person.

How do you keep learning on a daily basis?

I love learning. Every day I read books when I’m at home, especially at night, because I’m a real insomniac. Other than that, I listen to many podcasts, read a few qualitative newsletters, watch Youtube videos, and learn from my guests on Le Gratin. It’s the reason why I created this podcast in the first place. I was so interested in my daily conversations with the people I was meeting and discovering that I had to share them with as many people as possible. I am very selective of the things I read or watch because you’re always running out of time as an entrepreneur. When I’m focused on learning, it takes away time from something else that I could be doing.

What are your favorite books 📚?

My favorite book of all time is Lord of the Rings. I know it can be surprising, but it’s the most extraordinary story ever the way I see it. A little boy who has nothing, who is living a peaceful life, suddenly becomes in charge of saving the world. Such a burden could have destroyed him, but he managed, against all odds, to succeed in his quest. This character always inspired me to be brave and resilient, just like him. If we are talking about business books, my personal favorites are Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and Essentialism by Greg Mckeown. I won’t spoil the stories in case anyone wants to read them 😉 , but I recommend them!

What is your favorite podcasts 📺?

My favorite podcast of all time is  How I Built This, I love the fresh style of Guy Raz, but I also like the History of Philosophy podcast.

Are there any articles that you liked recently 📰 ?

A LinkedIn article on the cultural differences between Germany and France during the first confinement by Célia Maury. (French)

A Medium article on what is happening in China by Julien Breitfeld, who spent two months in Asia before the start of the pandemic. (Use Google Chrome’s translate  tool  to  read this in English.)

A New York Times article on an unnoticed new past: “Why the Big Bang Produced Something Rather Than Nothing.”

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome this year, and how did you do that? 

Covid was a pretty big one, of course. We had to close our shops and workshops and put our forty employees on leave. My husband, my co-founder, and I were the only two people who continued working during the first lockdown. It was both stressful and exhausting. But in reality, it worked out well. We continued working hard on the business and therefore leaped forward compared to many of our competitors.

What would you tell the 25-year-old version of yourself 🙍‍♀️? 

I would tell her, “It will all work out fine.” I am so blessed to have come all this way from where I was at those ages. It just makes me realize that life is so much more than what you feel at present. If you have ambition, if you give yourself goals to reach, you’ll continuously evolve and become more than you were before.

If you were to stay alone on an island and only be allowed to bring one item, what would it be 🏝?

My husband 😁

One last word 😊

Thank you so much for this interview. My last words would be to encourage people to have a lot of ambition for themselves and, of course, go and check out both Le Gratin and Gemmyo 🙂

(Note from Clind for our readers outside of France: Gemmyo does ship internationally!)

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