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Maxime Berthelot, Co-Founder at PixelMe Inc

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #37

Today, we welcome Maxime Berthelot. The first French employee at Buffer, Maxime, founded the startup PixelMe and is currently responsible for Growth at Bonjour. In this interview, you will learn about his learning routine in the morning and his favorite podcasts.

Maxime Berthelot,
Co-Founder and CEO at PixelMe Inc

Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from several different people and fields. I am very curious. My sources of inspiration can come from reading, podcasts I listen to, and of course, people I meet. 

How do you keep learning on a daily basis?

My only learning routine is in the morning. As soon as I get up, I spend between thirty minutes to one hour reading the newsletters I have subscribed to. I also read articles from various sources or books that fascinate me.  

I enjoy podcasts as they are becoming more qualitative. There are even some YouTube channels that are very informative. I make sure to take the time to learn, whether it is on growth hacking or related topics. This allows me to improve myself, but I am careful not to become biased, which can happen when consuming content. You must take action, not just read about it. 

What are your favorite books 📚?

I can tell you about the business books that have had the most significant impact on me. The first is Rework, written by the founders of Basecamp (previously 37signals). There’s also the classic Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I like books on the history of capital and capitalism. It is interesting to dive into the historical dimension to understand the past better.   

I also read quite a few short novels. Award-winning authors do not necessarily write the ones I read, but they are books that I find enjoyable.

What is your favorite podcasts 📺?

Right now, I am a fan of My First Million – The Hustle because the interviews revolve around starting businesses. It covers tons of topics but always from the “where-it-all-started” point of view. It teaches me a tremendous amount. I always leave with actionable knowledge after listening to this podcast. It allows me to know what works and what does not.

In French, it’s Génération Do It Yourself. I find that Matthieu Stefani excels at digging into details and telling the stories of people’s lives, the critical moments when they pivoted, and the reasons why they embarked on their journeys.

It brand new but I love The Farmspot 

If you were to stay alone on an island and only be allowed to bring one item, what would it be 🏝?

If I can access electricity, I would bring my Kindle. The hardest part for me would be the disconnection from gaining new knowledge and reading. If I don’t have access to electricity, I will take a knife, which would help me survive.  

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome this year, and how did you do that? 🕵🏻‍♂️

The biggest challenge I faced was with Pixel Me. We had a dispute with Facebook, who had blocked our professional and personal accounts. It was tough because it impacted our business, and quickly it became stressful to deal with Facebook’s lawyers. We had no other strategy than to deal with emergencies one-by-one to minimize the ban’s impact on our business. In this case, it was also essential to communicate with our users. We tried to keep a cool head by surrounding ourselves with the right people. Still, it took eight months to resolve this problem, but we were able to recover our accounts, and ultimately the impact on Pixel was limited to me. Staying calm and focusing on solving the problem versus panicking helped us move forward.

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