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Martin Jaglin, Co-founder at Mon Petit Gazon

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #45

Martin Jaglin is the co-founder of Mon Petit Gazon (MPG), the popular soccer fantasy game where friends compete by assembling an imaginary team of real-life players. MPG has 1.6 million users. Martin studied eco-management at Dauphine University before entering the tech scene after the dot-com bubble of 2000, working for digital agencies. These years of growth were pretty crazy, with this feeling of clearing new territories for brands.

Martin Jaglin, Co-founder at Mon Petit Gazon

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

I have no master, no dogma. I’m curious about everything! Inspiration can come from: 

  • a Desproges quote, 
  • tennis matches like Gaston v.Thiem to Roland-Garros, 
  • an Anderson Paak concert, 
  • a Bacon exhibition, 
  • a book like Vernon Subutex that jostles you, 
  • a program like Les Dessous des cartes that opens your eyes, 
  • or a comedian like Blanche Gardin.

Or just those little things in life, a giggle with the family, a festive dinner with friends, an after-soccer beer, and so on.

Everyone has to find their inspiration.

What are your learning routines? 🧠

I am a big fan of specialized newsletters. Email may be as old as the internet, but it remains an excellent way for people to stay connected with their community without a social network filter. No wonder Substack is breaking through the noise.

I like this slow but structured side of news, the exact opposite of the streaming news that drowns its readers and lacks depth. I turned off all the media app notifications and let go of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Artips and Economy Tips introduce you to art and economics through anecdotes.

Tech Trash has an alternative viewpoint and an eye on the corrosive world of Tech.

Mon Financier is a good example of brand content (financial investment business). Fiorentino, a co-founder, gets up at 5 AM to do his daily press review, with a very economic/demographic perspective and, above all, has a much sharper opinion than the mainstream media’s soft consensus. They have 300,000 daily readers via word of mouth. It has become an institution.

Magma is the first newsletter I have paid for, and I have not been disappointed. It’s full of inspiration and discoveries of emerging signals in the tech ecosystem.

Calmos has strong opinions on films and series.

What are your favorite books, and why? 📚  

For work, I had tried the recommended Silicon Valley bibles like The Lean Startup or those that give you tips like Tools of Titans, but I didn’t get hooked on these “sky-is-the-limit” perspectives. I found that it did not necessarily correspond to our French or European culture.

I liked the recently deceased Tony Hsieh’s book. You can feel it was raw, without any compromises.

I immensely enjoyed Bad Blood from an investigative journalist who revealed the biggest scandal in startup history. Theranos’s valuation rose to $9 billion when there was almost nothing under the hood.

Otherwise, in my personal life, I enjoy books by Virginie Despentes, Michel Houellebecq, Milan Kundera, Pierre Desproges, George Orwell, and Pierre Bourdieu. I also like lighter books by Tonio Benacquista, Antonie Bello, and Jean Teulé. I read L’Anomalie by Le Tellier and loved the first part about the characters but not the second part of the book.

Otherwise, I’m a big fan of comics. I read many authors’ works, including Bastien Vivès, Ugo Bienvenu, Robin Cousin, and Fabcaro.

What are your favorite podcasts, and why? 🎧

I had discovered the world of podcasts through Transferts; you wonder where they find their stories. It’s a bit like Strip Tease. Otherwise, I like Sensitive Affairs, Chez MPG (product placement 😉), Source Code, and Sixth Sense. And, the ThinkerView podcast is great for listening to things that you rarely hear elsewhere.

If you were to stay alone on an island and only be allowed to bring one item, what would it be? 🏝

A “goldfish” drug to have a shorter memory than the time it would take to tour the island. It would be the only way to stay alone and happy for a long time.

What would you say to the 18 years old version of yourself?

Do some coding, damn it!

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome this year, and how did you do that?

Professional soccer games officially stopped in March during the first French lockdown, so continuing our business activity was a tough equation to solve.

We ended up playing the planned League 1 matches ourselves on Playstation. We then imported the match data from the console into Mon Petit Gazon to continue to have MPG matches taking place.

One last word? 

No I came across this French lecture recently, which explains Schopenhauer’s phrase on “life (which) swings like a pendulum from right to left, from suffering to boredom.”

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