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Kevin Dufraisse, Founder of formation-growth-hacking.fr

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Kevin Dufraisse, Founder of formation-growth-hacking.fr

Tell us more about you: 

My name is Kevin Dufraisse. I started getting interested in entrepreneurship in high school, where I had several side projects with friends. Most of these projects weren’t very successful, but they got me interested in the ecosystem.

After school, I started a web agency and discovered a video of Osama Ammar (our guru at the time) in which he talks about growth hacking, a technique I had already been practicing without knowing. I then wanted to work on expanding his practice in France. So I became Head of Growth and Educational Director of a growth hacking training program there. Today, I am an entrepreneur and online trainer at formation-growth-hacking.fr where I’ve trained over 600 alumni in B2B prospecting techniques and growth methodologies.

Why and how did you become a course creator?

The first time I talked about doing online training was over drinks, back when we could still go to bars.

I remember saying that if there was one thing to revolutionize today, it was training programs. I always felt frustrated with the courses I had taken, and noticed a disconnect with the other students in my classes who lacked prior entrepreneurial experience. Today, all the knowledge is online but in absolute chaos. Information is scattered and often out of date. After 10 years of self-study, I realized that the best way to learn was to practice (especially for growth hacking) but also to transmit the confidence and creativity necessary to break out of academic and theoretical conditioning.

What are your tips to launch a course online?

My best tip is to talk to clients / prospects. No matter what you do, you have to solve a problem and you can imagine 100+ ways of doing so.

In my case, the solution is to help generate income through B2B prospecting or through rapid experimentation processes.

My goal is therefore to help my students achieve business objectives and for that I created other additional offers, such as sales-room.com or breakheaven.com, which allow me to occupy the entire value chain for my prospects and differentiate myself from the competition (which is fierce in my field 😁).

“From niche to rich.”

What are the main challenges you encounter as a creator?

The biggest challenge was tackling larger teams of growth experts (my competitor growth hacking trainers). In general, they are teams of 20+ while I am alone on my end!

But when you think you can do better, there is no reason not to get started. We all have our vision and it’s pretty cool to be listed at the top of the Best Growth Teams in France 🙂

Do you work on your own or are you part of a group?

I work with partners, but I’ve automated all of my tunnels and prospecting. That’s the cool thing about this job. You can work alone using the right workflows – and save money. With confinement, it’s a bit difficult to stay locked up and alone in Paris, so I’m going to isolate myself in the Canary Islands next week. For those who want to curse me, it’s with pleasure 😉

How did you learn to write?

I learned all the techniques of copywriting. It is an exciting and very important subject for me.

Selling online isn’t like selling in person; we need to use techniques of persuasion and influence to encourage visitors to register or buy.

For example, one technique is to contextualize: show your potential client that the real source of their problem is not what they imagine it to be, then convert them by illustrating how this problem can be solved.

The greatest difficulty with the French language is that you have to use a lot of words, and the important thing is to be convincing quickly and concisely. For that, I find a lot of copywriters through twitter. It’s very formative since they’re forced to limit their publications to 140 characters or less! (If you want names, do not hesitate to ask me on Linkedin 😉 )

What is your writing routine?

I don’t have a writing routine; I write about topics that interest me and that interest my community. I set out to write at least 2 articles per week.

I have fun producing my content with tools like contentdrips.com/carouselmaker or lumen5.com which save me a lot of time.

Who are your sources of inspiration and motivation?

I find my inspiration everywhere! I really enjoy reading discussion forums, chatting, talking and listening to podcasts when I have time.

My source of motivation is the feedback I get from my students.

It clearly gives you a boost to continue to have confidence in your product.

What is your objective with your growth course?

My goal is to keep teaching and learning.

I really like to transmit! To be able to make a living from it is really great!

(No, actually I’m kidding, I would like to become the #1 Growth Training Program in France :p )

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