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Henri de Lorgeril, Co-founder & CEO at Avizio

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #19

Henri de Lorgeril is Co-founder & CEO at Avizio. Avizio helps startups and companies recruit the best talent. Before launching his venture, Henri worked at Groupon and MonDocteur, primarily in sales and marketing positions.

henri de lorgeril
Henri de Lorgeril, Co-founder & CEO at Avizio

Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

I’m impressed by innovative entrepreneurship models, including those creating more added-value than just noise in their industry. For example, Mulliez or Michelin groups in France are both an excellent source of inspiration and success.

How do you keep learning on a daily basis?

I try to fill my quiet moments with as much content as possible. Being a dad of three young kids has forced me to reorganize my schedule and discover night slots! I usually spend an hour a day before sleeping, reading articles, and listening to podcasts.

As a company manager, I don’t have quality time to focus and dive into a specific topic, and that’s a pity! It’s instead “drop-in” times, therefore more suitable for “snack” learning. It is crazy to see the importance of centralization and absorption for all content in our visual fields.

What are your favorite books 📚?

– If I have to pick a business one, it would undeniably be The One Minute Manager! This book was essential in my career, especially when I managed a team for the first time. Full of concrete advice and best practices, this book is also well structured and easy to read. It gave me some of the management keys I still use today.
– And when I read for leisure, I’ll probably choose any of the French author Joseph Kessel’s works, but my favorite is  Les Cavaliers 🇫🇷 . The author’s universe is full of intense and detailed stories! It’s my favorite trick to disconnect and escape my daily routine.

What is your favorite podcast 🎧?

I listen to many podcasts, particularly on my scooter or car.

Dans l’Arène 🇫🇷 is the best way of catching up with news and business insights in France. It’s complete and accurate but also entertaining. It’s also useful for my daily business since the podcast usually focuses on my business target.

– To focus on my strategic vision and support my managing decisions, I listen to the French podcast Growth Makers, which brings pains and solutions from specific companies. It encourages me to leave my comfort zone by analyzing others’ points of view.

– My lastest listening ritual is The Growth Show for all Sales and Marketing questions.

– As an inquisitive person, I am a huge fan of culture and history podcasts like Au Coeur de l’Histoire 🇫🇷. or La Fabrique de l’Histoire 🇫🇷. by Europe 1.

– More recently, my big obsession is Les Nouveaux Corsaires 🇫🇷. by France Culture. I love the content from the Vendée Globe 🇫🇷 organizers and usually read them all in a few hours.

If you were stuck alone on an island and only be allowed to bring one item, what would it be?

It will probably be a radio. Indeed, I wasn’t educated with this type of media in my childhood but discovered it’s interesting lately. I’m not a huge music lover but enjoy radiophonic formats. Not having images helps me maintain focus, and radio has the most valuable invested-time to learning ratio. It is less time-consuming than a book and more efficient than a video.

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