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Guillaume Paoli, Co-founder of AramisAuto.com

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #24

Guillaume Paoli co-founded Aramisauto.com in 2001 with Nicolas Chartier. AramisAuto is a leading platform to buy new or used cars in Europe because they offer a rigorous selection of vehicles, a wide range of brands and models, and home delivery with a few days. In 2019, AramisAuto sold more than 44,000 vehicles, and its annual turnover was €513 million. Guillaume is an MBA graduate of the prestigious French ESSEC Business School.

Guillaume Paoli, Co-founder of Armisauto.com

Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

I don’t have a single inspiration source. Instead, I am inspired by a mix of our customer’s needs, emblematic entrepreneurs, and other renowned experts.

Among these experts, I include a mix of soldiers, researchers, and artists.

How do you keep learning on a daily basis?  What are your learning routines?

I learn by reading and observing. I observe my business partner and some of our staff members. I also belong to several boards, from startups to banks, where I learn from other markets & entrepreneurs.

What is your favorite podcast, and why 🎧?

I listen to several but do not have any favorites. I find the quality very heterogeneous. 

Favorite articles?

I read the French financial newspaper,  Les Echos, & the New YorkTimes extensively. 

What are your favorite books and why πŸ“š?

Hands down, my favorite management books areΒ  Blue Ocean Strategy, “The Hard Thing About Hard Things,” and Designing the Future.

If you were stuck alone on an island and only be allowed to bring one item, what would it be 🏝?

It depends on what is on the island. If nothing else, probably a water purifier. Otherwise, I would bring a satellite-connected computer. 

The last word

We can learn a great deal from other disciplines. Be it the arts or martial arts; they can have business implications.

As an aviation enthusiast and light aircraft pilot, I have learned much from this demanding and strict discipline that I have applied to my business endeavors. 

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