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Grace Mehrabe, Co-founder & CEO at Outmind

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #47

Grace Merhabe, a serial Entrepreneur, has founded various companies and led the operations at Hyperlex before creating Outmind. They raised €500k last December. Outmind helps employees quickly find shared knowledge and internal experts using an AI-powered search engine.

Grace Merhabe, CEO Outmind
Grace Mehrabe, Founder & CEO of Outmind

Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My inspiration comes mainly from encounters with others, including customers, users, partners, and entrepreneurs. I find it very stimulating to understand their problems and find out how I can help them. Human relationships are at the center of my life, which teaches me a great deal. With the current context, it can be more challenging to see people. After each period of remote work, I was very excited to see my team again. Meeting with people in person remains very important to me.

What are your learning routines? 🧠

I am a big proponent of autodidactism, despite spending years myself in graduate school. I enjoy learning on my own about subjects that may be far from my core skills. For example, I have trained in graphic design, and I learned to code. In my role, understanding the broad outlines of many subjects is advantageous. Regularly learning new things pushes me into a beneficial cycle. I realize the immensity of my ignorance, which helps me push the boundaries of what I know.

What are your favorite books, and why? 📚  

Unfortunately, I have much less time to read today than I did a few years ago. Jules Verne‘s books come to mind first because they particularly impressed me. I read almost all of them when I was a teenager. I felt that I traveled and experienced incredible adventures with the books’ characters.

I also never tire of The Little Prince for its philosophical and dreamy side. Adventure seems to be a pattern for me.Of course, I have a few more business-oriented books in my library, but I don’t collect them. I stick to a few classics, such as Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things. Lately, I have become interested in corporate culture. I have changed my way of reading. While I devoured novels a few years ago, now when I read, I stick to excerpts, noting the paragraphs that inspire me. I also read some French newsletters, like that of Alan’s CEO Jean-Charles Samuelian, which I often recommend, or Nouveau Départ by Nicolas Colin and Laetitia Vitaud, whose content is immensely enriching.

What are your favorite podcasts, and why? 🎧

Without hesitation, Generation Do It Yourself, by Matthieu Stefani. I find that he chooses the people he interviews very well, and the long format – sometimes over two hours – is a delightful listen. A great podcast can boost me for the day and stay with me for several days. I also liked the French podcast La Galère, launched by a few fellow entrepreneurs. It is interesting because it illuminates the behind-the-scenes reality of the glamorous stories we hear, which are prolific in this environment. We cannot imagine the complexity of the problems that can be behind success.

If you were to stay alone on an island and only be allowed to bring one item, what would it be? 🏝

If there is an internet connection, it would be a computer. I’m struggling to find another item that I won’t get tired of too quickly. It may be a serious problem to address.

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome this year, and how did you do that?

Completing our first round of fund-raising was a real challenge because it was a first for me. Even if I learned about best practices by asking for advice from those around me, I mainly learned by doing. I had to spend time perfecting my pitch to convince an investment fund and succeed in closing despite the last minute back and forth. Also, growing the team from four to ten people in a few months has been (and continues to be) a challenge because we must be careful to preserve our culture. Successful onboarding doesn’t happen overnight. There are still many challenges ahead, but I am an optimist. The best is yet to come.

One last word? 

We have several job openings planned, particularly technical profiles, to move Outmind to the next level. If you want to join the adventure, it happens here: https://www.outmind.ai/our-team

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