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Florine Soulié, Web editor at Editis

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #77

Former copywriter for the french Prime Minister and copywriter for the publisher Editis, Florine shares with us her sources of inspiration and her favorite book and podcasts.

Florine Soulié, Web editor at Editis

What prompted you to become a writer?

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a literary inclination. My studies pushed me in that direction: Literary prep school, a Master’s in French Literature, and a specialized Master’s in Publishing Management. I wouldn’t speak in terms of vocation but rather, a love of books and culture – a taste for words – has helped shape my professional orientation.

What tools do you use to write articles?

At the risk of disappointing you, I barely use any innovative tools! Word does the job very well for writing my articles, and Unsplash and Pexels are free image libraries that allow me to illustrate them. Recently, I became a Digital Manager for a fashion-focused endowment fund. I use Canva to create pretty visuals for social network posts and use Later and Storrito to schedule posts andstories in advance. As for the backend of WordPress, my geek skills are limited to the publishing of articles. I would like to expand my knowledge of this tool in the future! 

How do you prepare your articles?

I mainly write for Pocket editions. My job is to read all the news published in my pocket in the fields of spirituality, personal development, well-being, and health, and to write articles on these subjects for the website Lire.com.

When reading this content, I put myself in the shoes of the future reader. What will they essentially discover in reading this book? What can the author teach them? I always try to arouse the reader’s curiosity by writing from a specific angle: it could be the author’s story, the original format of the book, or an unexplored message or theme in these fields that I feel deserves special attention.

What is the most satisfying thing about writing an article?

Over time, I find that writing doesn’t cost me much, but I struggle more with organizing my ideas orally. It is therefore a pleasure to take the time to structure my thinking, to have the luxury of crossing out an inadequate sentence or word – which oral does not allow for. I don’t particularly like the beginning or the end of the writing process but rather the space in between where thought unfolds.

Who are the people who inspire you the most?

Those who matched their lives and their writings. I really like adventurers like Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Jack London, Blaise Cendrars, or even Alexandra David-Néel. These men and women went beyond their limits, driven by an insatiable curiosity for elsewhere and for themselves, and returned with fabulous stories.

What I appreciate about these explorers is their generosity, their righteousness, and the surpassing of themselves, which they demonstrate in their worst trials. I also like to mentally travel with them, given the inability to cross borders in these uncertain times!

What is your favorite book and why?

This question is a torment! A thousand books come to mind… Let’s say that the last book that marked me enormously was Dernier fragment d’un long voyage by Christiane Singer. Weakened by cancer, Christiane has only a few months to live. She takes the pen from her hospital room to evoke life, death, and love.

It is a deep and luminous story, written with great delicacy and dignity in the face of hardship. I wouldn’t have enough superlatives to describe the beauty of this prose and how this text touched me. I spoke earlier of the adventurers of the world, but there are also the adventurers of the soul. This author is one of them. 

What are your favorite podcasts and why?

I listen to Métamorphose by Anne Ghesquière – “the podcast that awakens consciousness” – on the topics of spirituality and personal development. Also, Quoi de Meuf, a pop-feminist podcast produced by my friend Clémentine Gallot. Finally, I listen to Transfert and Code Source during long car rides to escape through oftentimes-incredible stories and to stay up-to-date on the news!

How do you remember what you learn?

Good question. I’m not methodical in my learning. Blame it on my “more creative than orderly” mind! My knowledge is surely heterogeneous and sometimes superficial. “I can’t help it. Everything interests me!” as Paul Valéry would say.

I never write anything down, apart from a few quotes gleaned here and there that I store in the Notes application on my iPhone. I think I trust it too blindly, but my memory is my best ally in bringing out information at the right time.

What would you say to 18-year-old Florine?

To put her existential questions aside and trust in Life! I would tell her that she will live her best years, that she will meet a fabulous man, that nothing is ever final, that gravity and the spirit of seriousness are antithetical to the impetus of life that drives us all. My 3- and 5-year-olds are living proof of that. I try to be inspired by their innocence every day!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in the past few months?

Like many of us, I was quite unsettled by the extent and severity of the restrictions imposed on us because of the health crisis. I am generally frustrated with not being able to travel as I please because I like to feed off of the unknown. I learned (or rather got used to the idea) that I could live lots of little adventures here and there and that, ultimately, nothing is that serious as long as you are healthy. I came out of this experience more resilient. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face lately and how did you overcome it? 

I would say that my new mission as Digital Manager forced me to face several challenges: I discovered a job, had new skills to acquire and a world to discover (that of fashion) in record time. It forced me to go beyond my habits and comfort zone. Moreover, since I decided to continue my mission as a writer for Pocket, I am learning to juggle between my many professional requirements, my mom hat, being a peerless companion and a cook (just kidding). 

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