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Danielle Winandy, Head of RISK Innovation Office at BNP Paribas

I had the fantastic opportunity to meet Danielle through 50inTech during the French lockdown. Being stuck at home, not seeing our colleagues, and not meeting new people at the coffee machine at Station F, I was looking for inspiration! During our first video call, Danielle told me about how she loves learning and inspiring her team, and her ideal surroundings to enable learning.

Marie Blaise, COO at Clind 

Danielle is currently Head of RISK Innovation Office, at BNP Paribas. She is an intrapreneur responsible for transforming BNP into a learning organization.

Who is your main source of inspiration 👩?

I regularly follow some Inspiring people: Marc Giget, Marcus Buckingham, Simon Sinek, Rebecca Henderson, and others. They inspire me to learn more, to read more, and to improve who I am. ☺

Inside BNP Paribas, there are also people that inspire me daily. Whether managers or not, they give me the motivation to push it a bit harder.

Danielle WINANDY, Head of RISK Innovation Office @BNP Paribas

How do you keep learning on a daily basis?

You will never always be motivated to learn, so you must learn to be disciplined. I am a firm believer in discipline. It obliges you to complete tasks even on the days you do not feel like it. I have a habit tracker app called HabitMinder. I added all of my daily goals, and I receive reminders on my phone until I have checked each box.

I am also someone who loves quotes. I have written them everywhere: inside my dressing room, as the background of my phone, and in my agenda.  The quotes that speak to me are those that keep me going like “one day or day one, you decide,” “there is always enough time for the things that are really important,” “If you want to give up, remember why you have started,” and “Prove them wrong.” They motivate me to continue and not give up. 

I am passionate about learning. Someone once told me eventually,  you will need to learn more than you will need to breathe; I think it’s true. ☺ The more I learn, the more I am curious, and then, I want to learn more. It’s a never-ending story in my life. I like to say that my life is always under construction; there is always something to improve in different areas. It’s a way of life at the end of the day.

What are your favorite books 📚?

I have many, but nowadays, I would say:

Infinite Game by Simon Sinek: This book helped me to understand others better. Are people playing in the finite or infinite game? I assume that I am on an infinite game. 

The Future Leader by Jacob Morgan: This book talks about leadership’s future and what skills to develop to get there.

Reinventing Capitalism in a World of Fire by Rebecca Henderson: She is my absolute mentor on sustainability. She was my professor at Harvard, and this book is just amazing. It shows us how to reinvent companies by considering the need to be sustainable and save the planet.

Project Drawdown by Paul Hawken: This book gives us many actions plans to reverse global warming. It’s a book full of golden nuggets for people and companies who care about the topic.

What is your favorite podcast 🎧?

I have many, some of them are:

Change Ma Vie: Outils pour L’Esprit with Clotilde Dusoulier: Every week, she gives us a concrete tool to improve our personal life; I just love it! This is a French Podcast.

Women at Work by Havard Business Review: It’s about gender inequality and how to overcome it in the workplace.

Without Fail by Gimlet: They have conversations with people who have failed and discuss what they learned and how they became better afterward.

Innovation Answered by Innovation Leader: I love it because they ask innovation leaders to share their points of view on very important topics. 

Future Insiders Podcast with Cathy Hackl: It’s all about the future of tech, business, and humanity. It is very interesting and insightful.


If you were to stay alone on an island and would only be allowed to bring one item, what would it be ? 

My iPhone + the charger. My life is on my iPhone, my podcasts, Kindle, my lists, my magazines, my courses (Coursera, etc.), my contacts… I am dependent on this technology.

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