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Barsamia Tumba, Business Developer France at Growsiste

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #55

Barsamia Tumba is the host of the French podcast Becoming the Biz. He is an ex-entrepreneur and now a business developer for the startup studio Growsiste. Barsamia shares his journey, the book that changed his life, and explains why he wanted to create a podcast.

Barsamia Tumba, Business Developer France at Growsiste

What inspired you to create content?

I joined Iconoclass in September to get business development training. When we started the applied cases, I realized that theory and practice aren’t related. The person can emotionally destabilize you on the other end of the phone. Some prospecting calls make you question many things. Sales is a tough job. As I went through my calls and lessons, I collected experiences, and then I thought to myself, why not create content that shows how the best performers have also encountered difficulties. I also wanted to encourage people to understand sales better because, beyond the difficulty, it’s a challenging job with a direct business impact. Without sales, there are no customers, therefore no company. I interviewed many Iconoclass alumni. We went through the same program, so people are engaging, and testimonials are more substantial. There is a strong bond between alumni.

What are the tools you use to create content?

I use the mobile app Anchor and an external microphone because my phone’s sound quality is not good enough. Anchor allows me to edit and add effects and intros.

What is the most satisfying thing when you produce content?

My podcast is the perfect solution to continue my learning and training. This is my personal continuing education program. Some of the interviews surprise me, and I take notes like a student. I learn with my audience and have fun with each episode. 

Who are the persons who inspire you the most?

Guillaume Moubeche was a speaker at Iconoclass. I like his background, his openness, and his generosity. He indirectly contributed to the creation of my podcast. He shares his knowledge and experiences so easily that sometimes I wonder why he gives so much to others.

Sabri Suby is an Australian who reminds me a little of the French growth marketer Grégoire Gambatto, except that he is less active on Linkedin. It was Sabri who inspired my conversion to sales. Through his books, I discovered that nothing is impossible, even when starting from nothing. I had the opportunity to talk to him about his journey, which impressed me tremendously. He went from homeless to multimillionaire. It’s incredible. I love these people who never let go and who fight to the end.

What are your favorite books and why 📚?

My favorite book is Become a Better You by Joel Osteen. It deals with family and personal and spiritual development. It is a book that provides the keys to flourish in life. It should be read several times because it is very dense. It has helped me a great deal in difficult times and has literally changed me. I was pessimistic in the past, but now I am a fervent optimist. I will never tire of reading it.

Napoleon Hill’s Succeed and Growth Rich Through Persuasion shares the experiences of fantastic people who, despite their disabilities and thanks to their incredible perseverance, were able to face immense challenges. We have so many opportunities nowadays. Imagine that people a hundred years ago suffered life without all of our conveniences, yet they changed the world with significant inventions.

How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a great book. I was skeptical at first because making friends is a question of feeling; you feel it, or you don’t. Well, no, it’s actually quite different. This book has revealed many useful secrets for my professional life. I learned that we have to build a network, and it is possible to disagree and say no without having to cut ties. I didn’t see it like this before. Sometimes you have to know how to agree with someone even when you disagree. A person can change their mind and question themselves. One should not get into a conflict because it generates frustration and hurts the ego unnecessarily.

What are your favorite podcast episodes, and why?

I like AM KAM Gram, an accessible French podcast on account management. This podcast made me realize that this position is just as important as the sales position because it is all good and well to sign clients, but you still have to keep them. Retaining a client is difficult because the competition is fierce.

Daily Mind Medicine is a podcast on personal development that discusses essentials on business, family, and personal matters. There are over 250 episodes, which I devour.

Le Board by Flavie Prevot inspires me a lot and shares interesting resources. She helped me make peace with remote working. 

How do you remember what you learn?

When I learn something during the day, the next day, usually in the evening, I orally summarize what I have learned. When I learned from a lecture or another written source, I reread the course if I haven’t fully absorbed it. When it is covering a more technical area, I repeat the technique or the exercise several times. Then, I sit with what I have learned for three days, and I review it to be sure to have assimilated the information well. As soon as the ideas are anchored in my mind, I proceed.

What would you tell the 18 years old version of yourself 👼 ?

I would tell him not to give up too quickly and always finish what he starts. I had lots of projects. I started a clothing brand and took photos and shot videos. I learned on my own and gave up when my morale dipped. As a result, I thought projects were fleeting even when they excited me. I lacked perseverance, but it could have resulted in beautiful things if I would have seen projects through.

What is the most important thing you learn over the last 12 months?

Resilience because Covid has radically changed our lives. As I went deeper into sales, I learned that resilience was vital. It’s still trying to have failures on the phone and not to achieve your goals. For a person who takes things to heart, it is difficult. I am pleased to have acquired this skill. I feel changed.

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome this year 💪 and how did you do that?

 I’I joined a startup where I am the first salesperson. Everything has to be built, from the commercial strategy to the acquisition channels. It’s a real challenge to have a business that rests on your shoulders.

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