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Pierre Verdugo – Head of Web Hub at Clind

Pierre Verdugo web at Clind
Pierre Verdugo – Head of Web Hub@Clind

Head of the web Hub for Clind, Pierre was one of the first employees at Clind. Dreaming of being a developer from an early age, he explains in this interview why he loves developing so much and why he joined Clind.

I am very passionate about education, and I like working on a solution that addresses the real problems that I encountered personally.

What is your background and why did you choose web development?

From a young age, I always was drawn to coding.  I knew I wanted to become a web developer and did everything in my power to achieve this goal in college. For me, development was the most dynamic and fun activity I knew. When I started my career, the French tech industry was in its infancy, making it even more attractive to be a part of it. And, after all of this time, I still enjoy being able to learn and improve every day. 

I have a DUT in computer science, a degree unique to the French system that involves two years of specialized study at a technical university. Then, I became licensed in software technologies for the web and mobile terminals and terminals in alternation.

How did you come to Clind?

I had already worked with the Clind founders at StickyAds, an advertising tech company. When they launched Clind, they immediately thought of me to join the adventure. We always got along very well, so it made sense for me to collaborate with the team again. 

Why did you choose to join Clind?

I am passionate about education. I come from a family of teachers, so I was familiar with the issues related to education. Working on an EdTech project for me made perfect sense, especially as Clind’s founders gave themselves the means to carry out the project. The fact that the product addresses a real problem that I have, quickly finding relevant content that is interesting and useful, really won me over. 

What is your favorite podcast and why?

I prefer video content over podcasts. I primarily watch videos that share new developments and insights into the technologies we use at Clind, such as React Native, Graph QL, JS.

I love the fact that on such technical subjects, the speakers can be educational but also engaging.

Can you quote me a book that marked you and why?

My answer is not very original and about JavaScript. It’s called You don’t know JS: Scopes & Closures by Kyle Simpson. As its title indicates, it is a book that teaches about JavaScript but in a romanticized way. Usually, tech books are tedious to read, but this one is crystal clear and fun, making for an easy read.

Is there an article that you liked recently, and why ?

This is an article about JavaScript as well.

You can probably spot a trend.

When I said I was a diehard fan, I meant it. I devour the Next JS blog and any documentation on the latest JavaScript versions, the last was version 9.4. Each new JavaScript release is genuinely revolutionary.

This technology is ahead by leaps and bounds. Itโ€™s impressive. What surprises me, even more, is the young age of the people who make this technology evolve. They are amazing.

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