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Clément Boissy, Product Designer at Clind

Clément Boissy – Product Designer at Clind

After studying print and digital design, Clément worked for the successful companies, FaberNovel and Dashlane, before joining Clind. You’ll discover in this interview why he prematurely ended his gap year to join Clind.

Tell us about your background. Why did you choose to become a product designer?

I started my studies in print and graphic design in the book industry. It was a two-year-long program. Then, I moved from Toulouse, where I am originally from, to specialize in digital graphic design and digital conception at the University of Bordeaux.  My first job was to design physical prints like posters and banners, which deviated from my prior studies. 

Then, I moved to Paris to work for a well-known French agency called FaberNovel. This job pushed me into the world of UI and UX design and gave me the amazing opportunity to be mentored. With my mentor, I worked for big companies like Orange Bank, HSBC, and the French insurance company Maif. It was challenging. We created prototypes for the developers to build out for the clients. After a year, I felt that I needed to go deeper into projects. I wanted to do user research and collaborate with the technical team to build the products. 

In 2017, I decided to join Dashlane, where I worked for two years. When I began there, we had three designers at the company, but the design team had grown to fifteen people by the time I left. I enjoyed working on both the desktop and mobile applications, and in the end, I was the lead Android designer.

How did you come to Clind’s?

I was just leaving Dashlane and was planning to take my time to find a new project that I would love. Unexpectedly, Gilles Chetelat, the CEO of Clind, reached out to me on Linkedin. I met the team and fell in love with both, the team and the project. I’m still happy about my choice to join.

Why did you choose to join Clind?

I fell for the pitch. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to design a product that brings value to people and has a positive impact. Clind empowers people and helps them to learn every day, which is what I love.

What is your favorite podcast and why?

I’m not a podcast addict, but I recently discovered the illustrator Duncan Trussell through Netflix. I adore his work, so I decided to check out his podcast, The Midnight Gospel.  It’s interesting because he talks about many things, such as drugs but from a philosophical perspective.

Can you quote me a book that marked you and why?

The book isn’t original, but my bible, and probably the bible of all designers, is called Design Everyday Things by Don Norman. This guy was a designer at Microsoft but tackled various design topics in his book, such as industrial design. For example, he talked about the usability of a physical jar and discussed digital objects. I think it’s one of the first books about UX and Experience Design. The book is pretty old but gathers all design principles and the history of design in one place. When you are stuck, you can always find an answer in this book.

Is there an article that you liked recently, and why?

I’m a fanatic of Pablo Stanley, a Mexican designer who lives in the US. He always knows about the newest tools, motion design, and conferences. He publishes a lot on Medium. The article, “Good to Great UI Animation Tips” is a bible for motion designers. It’s my favorite article. I read it at least once per month just to refresh my memory about what he did.

From who or from where do you source inspiration?

I visit Dribbble to find inspiration from all around the world. It’s incredible. There are so many talented people everywhere. When I want to discover new fonts or get unstuck on a UI problem, I know I’ll find inspiration there.

I believe in the power of the community. Any design issue that you have, another designer had it and found a solution, so it’s better to see what others did or ask the designer community to find a good solution instead of always trying to reinvent the wheel.

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