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Arthur Breuil, Web & Mobile developer at Clind

Arthur Breuil – Web & Mobile developer @Clind

What is your background and why did you choose web development?

I am a very curious person; I like to test and discover new areas. Two unexpected things about my background:  I was a professional musician in an orchestra for five years and was an avid horseback rider. However, from a young age, I also always had a passion for technology. When my daughter was born, I wanted to set a new challenge for myself. I decided to give myself a month to learn the skills needed to become a web developer, then I did the Wild Code School Bootcamp for 9 month and this got me into the game.

How did you come to Clind?

When I discovered Clind, the beta hadn’t been released, which meant what I knew about the company was limited.  However, the Edtech domain was calling me. With optimism, I sent an unsolicited application. It turned out that the team was looking for someone specifically trained on the technologies I had learned during my one-month personal challenge. I immediately connected with Denis (Clind’s CTO) and the other members of the team. The natural chemistry we had convinced me to join the adventure.

Why did you choose to join Clind?

Joining an established team was important for me as was the business sector itself.. For example, joining a company in the financial industry would never be an option for me as it is a sector that is not quite aligned with the values ​​which are most dear to me. I feel lucky to have been able to join Clind because I spend my time doing what I love to do, and I am aligned with the values ​​and mission. We spend most of our day working so it only makes sense that our jobs and the company we work for matches who we are.

What is your source of inspiration?

Generally speaking, everything inspires me. As I mentioned before, I am very curious. I like to know how things work and how to improve myself. Typically, I find my primary sources of inspiration in science and in music. By the way, a few centuries ago music was considered to be part of science so the connection is not quite as random as it may seem.

What is your favorite podcast and why?

I do not have a favorite podcast because I prefer reading and also listening to the radio However, podcasts can open up different avenues to discover new topics. When you want to go deeper into a theme or topic, you have to take all possible paths.

Can you quote me a book that marked you and why?

Unfortunately, I don’t read much as I would like to at the moment, but the book that really stood out for me is Musical Discourse by Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s. It changed my conceptions of music. I played modern instruments and this book convinced me to give up the horn to play instruments from classical periods. I went from the more common classical music environment to an ultra-specific and niche environment. Even in the world of classical music, few people play with instruments used at the time of the composition of the works. The instruments played makes a huge difference to the sound. A piece takes on the full potential  when it is played with an instrument from its time. Beyond this, it is also necessary to take into consideration the context and the history from the time as it enriches the way of playing. Sometimes, you have to deconstruct and reimagine your ways of playing to fully understand a piece of music. In music and in any project, it’s important to dive in completely.

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