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Noemie Kempf, Brand & Content Strategist, Creator of The Storyline podcast

Noémie is a brand and content strategist and the founder of the podcast The Storyline. In this interview, she shares her working routine and her inspirations.

Hello Noémie 👋 Tell us who you are!

Noémie Kempf - Clind
Noémie Kempf- Brand & Content Strategist, Creator of The Storyline podcast
Noémie uses Clind to share content strategies with her community

I had a fairly traditional path in France, the prep school/business school combo. I started my career in San Francisco as an Account Manager and transferred back to Paris in 2016  as a Global Operations Lead, Senior Account Manager. In mid-2017, I joined the Numa incubator, where I was responsible for marketing Numa and our startups with my team. I have always loved to write, but I was too shy to write for myself. When I left Numa in March 2019, it finally clicked for me. I started writing, and soon many startups asked me to write for them. This encouraged me to pursue writing as a freelancer and embrace this new experience.

How do you stay up-to-date on content marketing topics?

I created a podcast called The Storyline, where we talk about marketing and storytelling. This podcast allows me to meet inspiring people, understand how they work, and hear the latest insider information. In general, I am inspired by the best in my field by reading their newsletters. I also have many phone calls with freelancers and marketing managers.

Marie from Clind :

You are a freelancer, a very time-consuming activity since you have to engage new clients and manage projects for existing clients all at once.

How do you allocate time to your learning and staying current on trends?

I learn from all my projects in different ways and also from reading. For example, in the morning, I read the newsletters in my inbox before starting my day. I force myself to read, and if I don’t have time during the week because of a heavy workload, I do it on weekends. I leave my newsletters unread when I don’t have the time to read them, so the need for inbox 0 pushes me to read everything promptly.

What challenges did you face during the Paris lockdown 🔐?

In the end, the confinement did not change much, but it did give me more free time. I started on a project that previously, I hadn’t had time to pursue. It is an online product that stems from my work: an editorial calendar that allows content writers to manage their content.

Do you have a podcast to recommend 🎧?

I listen less to podcasts since the COVID outbreak because I no longer commute as it was my dedicated time to listen. I love 99% Invisible. It’s an American podcast with an offbeat tone that deals with varied and unexpected subjects such as frozen pizza or the Colosseum in pre-Roman times. 

Which book impacted and why ?

I am not very business-oriented. I prefer hands-on learning and save reading books for relaxation. Right now, I’m reading a science-fiction saga by Dan Simmons a client gave me. The first volume is called Hyperion.

Cite me an article that you particularly liked recently 📖 ?

There are quite a few in my content toolbox: https://www.notion.so/Content-Toolbox-69ea999a8add4864ba00281f22c3a971.

A quick note for all the English speakers, my collection notes are in French, but the articles are mostly in English. 

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