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Gilles Raymond CEO Monster Meetings

Gilles Raymond, Founder & CEO of Monster Meeting

By Marie from Clind | 26 February 2021

Gilles Raymond is founder and CEO of Monster Meeting. Gilles is a tech fan. He was the first to write a thesis on Artificial Intelligence in 1995 and launched the world’s first downloadable game in 2000. Gilles was the main founder of News Republic, which he sold in 2016 for $57 million.

kevin dufraisse growth hacking

Kevin Dufraisse, Founder of formation-growth-hacking.fr

By Marie from Clind | 25 February 2021

Kevin started getting interested in entrepreneurship in high school, where he had several side projects with friends. Most of these projects weren’t very successful, but they got him interested in the ecosystem. Kevin recently founded a growth hacking course that already has more than 600 alumnis.


Jeddi Mees, Fellow ODF7 & Host of the podcast The Farmspot

By Romain from Clind | 24 February 2021

Successful entrepreneur, a former team member of The Family, and host of the podcast The Farmspot, Jeddi Mees, shares his favorite podcasts and books with us.


Pritesh Kumar, Co-founder at FanPlay

By Romain from Clind | 23 February 2021

Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of FanPlay Technologies, part of the YC batch YCW21, Pritesh shares with us his inspirations and his main challenges.

The 10 Best Biographies To Read In 2021

By Marie from Clind | 18 February 2021

Victoria Usher, Founder & CEO of GingerMay

By Romain from Clind | 18 February 2021

Victoria Usher is the founder and CEO of GingerMay, a multi-award winning global PR B2B agency for blue-chip, technology, advertising, media, and fast-growth disruptive businesses. GingerMay was crowned Best B2B PR Agency at the PRmoment Awards. The PRCA awarded Victoria Industry Leader of the Year


Claude Terosier, Founder & CEO of Magic Makers

By Romain from Clind | 16 February 2021

Claude Terosier is the founder and director of Magic Makers, a start-up that offers creative programming workshops for children. She grew up in Guadeloupe and studied at one of the most prestigious engineering schools in France, Télécom-ParisTech. After first working for telecoms, notably at SFR, Claude embarked on her entrepreneurship journey in 2012. She was struck by the gap between technology’s impact on daily life and the non-existence of technology-based teaching programming in schools. So, she decided to create a school teaching computer programming to kids, Magic Makers.

Emma Butler, CEO of Intimately

Emma Butler, CEO of Intimately

By Marie from Clind | 12 February 2021

Intern at Y-Combinator and freshly graduated from Brown University, Emma Butler is now the CEO of Intimately, an online undergarment retailer for women with disabilities. In this interview, she shares with us her primary goal and inspirations.


Barsamia Tumba, Business Developer France at Growsiste

By Romain from Clind | 11 February 2021

Barsamia Tumba is the host of the French podcast Becoming the Biz. He is an ex-entrepreneur and now a business developer for the startup studio Growsiste. Barsamia shares his journey, the book that changed his life, and explains why he wanted to create a podcast.

Shaw-Li-Product-Manager-at-On -deck-clind-article-interview-learning-inspirations

Shaw Li, Product Manager and Founder of the newsletter Elements of Product Management

By Romain from Clind | 10 February 2021

Shaw has 10+ years of product management experience, having worked at pre-seed, venture funded, corporate funded, and Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he led product at HavenLife, an insurtech startup in NYC. Subscribe to his weekly newsletter: The Elements of Product Management @shawli.substack.com

fabrice des Mazery Thiga Product Conference Clind

Fabrice des Mazery, CPO at Thiga & Co-founder at La Product Conference

By Marie from Clind | 5 February 2021

Etienne Genvrin is the founder and CEO of Speekoo, the new language learning app that challenges you to learn a new language. Speekoo was founded in 2018 and has 1 million users worldwide. Etienne is passionate about languages and speaks six. He has also written the book Arretons de Faire Tout à L’envers.