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Alex Masmej, Co-Founder & CEO at Showtime

By Romain from Clind | 23 April 2021

Former member of MetaCartel, owner of his own social token, ALEX, and CEO of Showtime, Alex Masmej shares his best advice for being a young entrepreneur and his favorite newsletters about crypto.


Vladimir Oustinov, Writer of the newsletter Into the Wise

By Romain from Clind | 23 April 2021

Former member of The Family, Growth & Marketing Manager at Vesta, and creator of the newsletter Into the Wise, Vlad explains how he decided to write his own newsletter.


Steve Gomez, Ex General Manager at Airbnb

By Romain from Clind | 12 April 2021

Entrepreneur and fellow On Deck member, Steve Gomez has worked for the hottest startups in Silicon Valley, including Airbnb and Rover. He shares with us his learning tips and sources of inspiration.


Florine Soulié, Web editor at Editis

By Romain from Clind | 31 March 2021

Former copywriter for the french Prime Minister and copywriter for the publisher Editis, Florine shares with us her sources of inspiration and her favorite book and podcasts.


Matt Levine, Founder of ValueTrace

By Romain from Clind | 29 March 2021

Former Corporate Developer at Andreessen Horowitz and founder of ValueTrace, the software that helps companies make better decisions about the SaaS licenses they purchase, Matt Levine shares with us his favorite books and his learning habits.


Svenia Busson, Founder of LearnSpace

By Romain from Clind | 29 March 2021

Svenia Busson, founder of LearnSpace – the first EdTech accelerator in France – is an EdTech entrepreneur and explorer. She co-founded the Edtech Tours in 2015 and since then has been traveling the world to shed light on the best practices in Education innovation. In all, she has travelled to 19 countries and wrote a series of articles and reports. For her latest tour in Europe, she was asked to write a book that tells the stories of 24 initiatives that are shaping the future of education and learning: Exploring The Future of Education. To write this book in English, Svenia was assisted by talented writer Sairica Rose. Svenia is now supporting organizations in their learning and transformation via LearnSpace.


Patrick Kervern, Founder of Umanz

By Marie from Clind | 25 March 2021

Patrick Kervern, founder of Umanz, is a media and tech specialist. He was Marketing Director CEMA at the Dow Jones until 2006 before joining Google as Director of Banking, Finance, and Insurance for 4 years. In 2018, Patrick launched Umanz, the first magazine about “meaning.” Its creation was motivated by the observation of 3 major disruptions: climate change, technological disruption, and the loss of meaning at work. The idea was to create a medium for the discussion of meaning in economics, technology, and work. During his time at Google, Patrick realized that he preferred content over technology.


Paul Duan, Founder of NGO Bayes Impact

By Marie from Clind | 23 March 2021

Paul Duan is the founder of Base Impact, a nonprofit whose mission is to place technology in service of the greater good. Paul is first and foremost a committed entrepreneur. His mission is to see how technology can empower people to create the public services they want to see exist (i.e. in the areas of employment, from health care to police violence).

Ferruccio Balestreri co founder june

Ferruccio Balestreri, Co-founder of June

By Marie from Clind | 22 March 2021

Ferruccio Balestreri is the Co-founder of June, the instant product analytics generator for Startups and SMBs, (part of the batch YC W21). Ferruccio shares in this interview his learning routines and favorite books.


Marianne Österlund, Investment Manager at Wave Ventures

By Marie from Clind | 20 March 2021

Marianne Österlund is Investment Manager at Wave Ventures and founder of the newsletter In The Money. Marianne shares with us her learning habits and routines.


Muhammad Lila, Founder and CEO of Goodable

By Romain from Clind | 16 March 2021

War correspondent, 2x Emmy/SAJA nominee, and current CEO of Goodable, Muhammad Lila shares with us his passion for spreading good news.