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Laurence Champier Banques Alimentaires

Laurence Champier, Directrice Générale des Banques Alimentaires

By Marie from Clind | 27 November 2020


Benjamin Danet Clind

Benjamin Danet, General Director at But Editions

By Romain from Clind | 26 November 2020


Gautier Machelon_Co-Founder_Sharework_clind_article

Gautier Machelon, Serial entrepreneur

By Romain from Clind | 25 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #23 Gautier Machelon is a serial entrepreneur with a demonstrated history in building SaaS companies (Europe and US), in raising funds and in company disposals. Skilled in sales, entrepreneurship and advisory (board member of various companies). Who is your biggest source of inspiration? I’ve always been inspired by people who perform while being…

Morgan Perry, Founder at Mustread.fyi

By Romain from Clind | 24 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #22 Morgan Perry is an entrepreneur who co-founded several startups and more recently founded Mustreads.fyi. In 2019, Morgan also participated in the Techstars accelerator program in Paris. He is passionate about learning and finds the entrepreneurs he looks up to inspiring. Morgan is a Marketing graduate of the Paris Business School.  Who…

Jean de La Rochebrochard, Managing Partner at Kima Ventures

By Romain from Clind | 24 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #21 Jean de La Rochebrochard is an investor in start-ups, partner of the Kima Ventures fund, the investment holding company of Free’s boss Xavier Niel. He is an investor in several French unicorns including Blablacar and OVH. Each week he studies hundreds of cases, each year he completes a hundred deals. All without sacrificing your family life, without being overwhelmed by your agenda. He…

jonathan lefevre

Jonathan Lefèvre, Customer Support Manager at Memo Bank

By Marie from Clind | 20 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #20 Jonathan Lefèvre is an expert in customer service. Jonathan is one of the first employees of Capitaine Train, a start-up that has made the customer experience its top priority. In a few years, his obsession with customer service allowed him to shake up a historical monopoly. After reconciling millions of people…

henri de lorgeril

Henri de Lorgeril, Co-founder & CEO at Avizio

By Marie from Clind | 18 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #19 Henri de Lorgeril is Co-founder & CEO at Avizio. Avizio helps startups and companies recruit the best talent. Before launching his venture, Henri worked at Groupon and MonDocteur, primarily in sales and marketing positions. Who is your biggest source of inspiration? I’m impressed by innovative entrepreneurship models, including those creating more…

Bertand Jouvenot

Bertrand Jouvenot, Speaker & Author

By Marie from Clind | 18 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #18 Bertrand Jouvenot is a French Keynote Speaker, marketing influencer, and prominent writer on business, management, marketing, branding, and digital transformation. After writing the first thesis at Sorbonne University on digital transformation, he spent over twenty years excelling in his marketing positions in a wide range of industries ( telecom, retail, fashion,…

Maeliza Seymour

Maeliza Seymour, CEO of CodistAI

By Marie from Clind | 14 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #17 Maeliza Seymour is the co-founder and CEO of CodistAI, a startup that helps developers understand code faster. Maeliza graduated from IMT Atlantique. She worked for five years as a data scientist at BNP Paribas and later joined the Entrepreneur First Program in 2018. Maeliza is one of the 20 Women in…

Ludovic Huraux

Ludovic Huraux, CEO at Shapr

By Marie from Clind | 13 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #16 Today, we are delighted to welcome Ludovic Huraux. Ludovic founded Attractive World in 2007, the leader of French dating apps, and sold to Spark Networks in 2016. In 2015, Ludovic founded Shapr, a professional networking mobile app. Shapr is democratizing how we meet others and expand our professional networks in a…

Cyril de sousa CEO Le Petit Martin

Cyril de Sousa, CEO at Le Petit Martin

By Marie from Clind | 12 November 2020

Learning Inspiration 🌈 #15 Today we are pleased to welcome Cyril de Sousa Cardoso. Cyril is an entrepreneur, author, teacher, and speaker. He is the CEO and founder of the French startup Le Petit Martin, founded in 2018. Le Petit Martin is a chatbot solution that answers recurring HR questions from employees. Cyril is also…